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GMAT Course Location

MLIC GMAT prep courses in Singapore --Turboprep® GMAT course and SmarTest® GMAT Prep -- are held at Marina Square near SunTec City, City Hall & Esplanade MRT, and Singapore Flyer. Register in the best GMAT Preparation classes offered in Singapore Marina Square. MLIC offers the best GMAT prep course in Singapore. We offer structured GMAT preparation, using LIVE GMAT Content (not retired GMAT questions) backed by GMAT Score Guarantee. Register ==> Receive & Complete GMAT Precourse Modules ==> Attend GMAT In-Class prep ==> Complete GMAT post-course Modules ==>Take the GMAT & Score 700+. The GMAT prep classes Singapore are held at

  • Hotel Pan Pacific
  • Hotel Marina Mandarin

In-Class Prep Schedule

The in-class GMAT training sessions in Singapore are held over 4 consecutive days, starting on a Friday and ending on the following Monday. The hours are as follows:

Turboprep GMATFri- Mon09:30AM-05:00PM
SmarTest® GMATFri-Sun09:30AM-05:45PM
Click here to view the schedule and syllabus of in-class training for courses outside the United States of America.

Fee for GMAT Courses

  • The fee for the Turboprep® GMAT course featuring 32-hours of in-class GMAT training + 6 hours of Virtual live training, and GMAT Score Guarantee is U$1,695.
  • The fee for the SmarTest® GMAT Weekend Intensive prep is U$1,295 or SGD1,620.
  • The fee for the GMAT Online prep course is U$695.
  • The course fee can be paid with major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You can also pay the fee through bank transfer of funds.

Score Guarantee

620+ GMAT Score Guarantee

All MLIC GMAT prep courses except SmarTest® GMAT Prep in Singapore are backed by our industry-leading 620+ GMAT score Guarantee under which MLIC guarantees that you will receive coaching in GMAT assessment areas commensurate with a goal of better than 700 and at least a score of 620 (80th percentile). Our statistics are that over 87% of those who meet the GMAT score guarantee eligibility score at least 670 on the GMAT. Read more about the MLIC GMAT Score Guarantee Here.

Testimonials, Contact

Alina Chen, Hall of Famer

Starting with the GMAT pre-course training materials, MLIC GMAT training was thorough, intensive, and covered all areas. I owe my score of 730 to MLIC GMAT prep. Thanks, MLIC.

Wendy Nyung, Hall of Famer

MLIC GMAT prep is nothing if not the best preparation for the Gmat exam. Your course materials covered concepts and problems that were more realistic and that none of the other books and guides you can get from other companies. I learned valuable strategies for dealing with the verbal section, my area of weakness, relatively speaking. I could not have scored 710 without your excellent Gmat course.

Andrew Hazle, Hall of Famer

MLIC GMAT prep gave me a road map for training, without which I could not have scored 710 on the GMAT. Before MLIC course, I was aimlessly wandering, not traveling to a specific destination.. When I received instructions for preclass training, I knew that I was in good hands. Thanks, MLIC, for an amazing prep course.

More Testimonials

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Best GMAT Prep Course beats GMAT Zone, Icon+...

best gmat prep course in singapore

"I took the GMAT Zone prep course before I enrolled in MLIC GMAT class, and can vouch for the excellent quality of MLIC GMAT prep. MLIC Coach was simply amazing and GMAT Zone tutor was pathetic. I scored 740 after MLIC prep, a jump of 120 points from score after GMAT Zone." --- Jeffrey Chan, Singapore.

Be aware that GMAT courses run by local companies like GMAT Zone and Icon+ employ "GMAT Virgins" who have not taken the GMAT or been to Business School. Trust the professionals at MLIC GMAT Prep to train you to be GMAT-competent and to score 700+. MLIC has produced more 700+ GMAT Score achievers than any other GMAT prep program. Register now.
MLIC Inc. leads the GMAT preparation industry in offering goal-driven, skill-enhancing GMAT preparation courses featuring Live GMAT questions drawn from most recent GMAT test administrations. What sets MLIC GMAT prep courses apart from otherGMAT course offerings such as Icon-Plus, GMAT Zone, Veritas GMAT Prep, Kaplan, Manhattan Review, and other worthless GMAT courses are FOUR factors:
  • Superior GMAT Training Methodology that focuses on imparting conceptual and procedural skills, and on delivering works-every-time Strategies for picking the correct answers so that you can take the GMAT competently and with enhanced confidence.
  • The best and the most relevant GMAT preparation materials that are frequently updated to reflect the LIVE emphasis seen on high-difficulty GMAT problems.
  • The best professional GMAT trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience.
  • The best structure for GMAT training -- three distinct, logical phases featuring 120+ hours of relevant, goald-driven, skill-enhancing coaching in GMAT assessment areas.

The Result: You receive the best training in GMAT assessment areas from the best GMAT coaching professionals. Register in the best GMAT preparation course offered in Singapore Marina Square (opposite Singapore International Convention Exhibition Center and Suntec city) today and get started on the preprogram GMAT training leading to a score of better than 700 on the GMAT.

GMAT In-Class Prep Course Structure

GMAT prep course structure

Our Turboprep® GMAT preparation courses require all participants to complete at least 120 hours of training in a highly-structured, 3 distinct phases as described below:

  • Pre-Course GMAT Training (50 hours): Diagnostic assessment and Refresher training in Quantitative basics. You will also review strategy and rules guides for CR, RC, and SC.
  • GMAT In-Class Coaching: 4-day, 32+6 = 38-hour long intensive preparation in high-difficulty questions drawn from Live editions of the current GMAT tests
  • POST-CLASS Training (40 hours): After you complete the in-class GMAT preparation sessions, you will be required to complete at least 40 hours of post-class GMAT training
  • SmarTest® GMAT Prep features 21 hours of in-class GMAT preparation in Singapore, and covers all 4 assessment areas in 8 modules over 3 days - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All participants will receive at least 100 hours of practice tests and study guides.
  • You can learn more about structure of 5-day Turboprep® GMAT preparation offered by MLIC by visiting the link describing Course structure.

Why MLIC GMAT Prep course is the best

mlic gmat beats icon-plus, GMAT Zone, veritas prep gmat

MLIC GMAT prep courses outclass and best all other prep courses offered in Singapore by companies such as Veritas GMAT prep, GMAT Zone, Manhattan Review, Manhattan GMAT, Kaplan, and Princeton Review. Here are the reasons why you should choose MLIC GMAT prep in Singapore over all other alternatives.

  • We offer the best GMAT preparation, using most recent and live GMAT problems from current GMAT tests and employ professional instructors who are all MBA's from prestigious business schools such as Columbia University, whereas our competitors such as GMAT Zone, Icon+, Kaplan, Princeton Review, et al use part-time, unqualified student instructors who are unlikely to have taken the GMAT test, much less go to any business school.
  • Any GMAT preparation course such as GMAT Zone, Icon+, etc. that relies on outdated official Guide to GMAT Review that contains old, retired questions can actually do you more harm than good by wasting your time, and causing you to take the GMAT many times unnecessarily.
  • Be Smart. Register now in the best GMAT preparation course offered in Singapore and begin the training toward a score of better than 700, the score required for admission to A-list Business schools worldwide. MLIC GMAT Prep courses in Singapore -- the only guarantee you will ever need.
  • For a more detailed analysis of competition in the GMAT prep industry and to learn about the deceptions, non-disclosures, and fraudulent claims by other GMAT prep courses in Singapore, click here. To learn more about GMAT® and the GMAT Test Registration procedure, Click Here.