MLIC GMAT COURSES offer the most highly structured, real training in GMAT assessment areas over 120 hours, using questions monitored at the high difficulty levels on the currently LIVE GMAT problems, provide the most comprehensive study and training guides, and use professional trainers who are required to take the GMAT at least once a year and score in the 99th percentile. Our courses will impart conceptual and procedural skills, and arm you with works-every-time Strategies for maximizing your test-taking effectiveness in the time-critical computer adaptive format of the GMAT. MLIC exposes the scams, deceptions, and non-disclosures of the other me-too prep courses so that you can make an informed decision in favor of MLIC GMAT Coaching.
MLIC believes that it is wrong on the part of Veritas LLC that runs Veritas Prep GMAT courses to fail to disclose that of its 15 GMAT tests, nearly 11-12 are bought from other companies as explained below. However, Veritas prep does not make a disclosure of this information. Read more about deceptions, misrepresentations, and half-truths engaged in by MLIC's competitors in GMAT preparation industry. Check out Veritas Prep GMAT exposed by independent Fraudbusters group.

GMAT prep companyMisrepresentations and non-disclosures you should know about
VERITAS PREP GMATVeritas Prep makes several claims about its GMAT prep course. Know the facts about Veritas Prep, and you will not choose Veritas Prep GMAT course. Here goes the list:
  • Veritas prep's newest claim is that some of its tutors are "ex-Harvard and MIT professors and scientists". MLIC has sought clarification from Veritas LLC, and it refused to provide the names of its tutors who were ex-Harvard and M.I.T. professors and "scientists". Secondly, Veritas prep claims that its new instructors have to serve as assistants to veteran tutors before becoming tutors themselves. Again, MLIC asked for substantiation of this feature, and Veritas refused to comply. Strange, huh! Because of logistical issues, Veritas Prep hires its tutors through phone interviews and skype auditions. The recruits are merely required to watch videos before becoming eligible to be your GMAT tutor. You be the judge as to the value of training you will receive if you choose Veritas Prep GMAT courses.
  • Veritas prep has stopped posting the names of its tutors along with their GMAT Scores for reasons best known to it. In the past, Veritas Prep has run ads in Craigslist stating that it 'prefers but not requires' teaching experience of its instructors. It had also stated that it would accept an applicant who has scored in the 99th percentile in either Verbal or Math sections of the GMAT.
  • Veritas recruits its instructors by continuously running classifed ads in or, and sends them out to teach after SKYPE auditions and after phone interviews. The attendees are required to evaluate the instructor hired by Veritas prep -- it would use you as a guinea pig after taking your $1,600.
  • Veritas prep buys nearly 11 to 12 (by its own admission) of the 15 prep tests from companies such as Arco,, Cambridge, etc. and will not disclose this fact. Veritas Prep is so vociferous in claiming that it supplies you with 15 tests versus 4 or 5 by other GMAT prep companies that it conveniently fails to disclose that at least 10 of the 15 tests are bought from other companies that you can buy from directly as well. (Of “Veritas’s” practice tests, 2 are available for free from GMAC at, 5 are available for $45.00 at, 5 are available for $39.95 at, and 3 are available as a CD-ROM accompaniment to a book called Master the GMAT that’s available for about $28. This information is according to Manhattan GMAT blog. By Veritas Prep's own admission, only 4-5 of the 15 tests are created exclusively for Veritas Prep. Therefore, Veritas Prep does not really offer you more GMAT practice tests than other GMAT prep companies do), David Newland, a garden-variety instructor for Veritas Prep, recently PM'd a beatthegmat junkie who asked him about the boatload of errors in Veritas Tests as follows: 1) "We did not write these, we purchased them and they are being edited now. No way to explain them."
    2) "The diagnostic quizzes are in need of editing. The full CATs are generally better. The GMATLife and the "Simulator" are good. The question you have cited is not good. I disagree with the "official" answer."
    Know the facts about Veritas Prep courses before you choose your prep course. If you do due diligence, you will not pick Veritas Prep GMAT course.
  • MLIC GMAT prep courses are taught by instructors who provide comprehensive training and pay meticulous attention to details. Read more about how Chad Troutwine admits to using language that was likely to be misunderstood in Veritas Prep's website, and states that he 'admires' MLIC's attention to detail.
  • Because Veritas Prep hires its tutors long distance and through phone interviews (and Skype auditions) from its location in Malibu, CA, it cannot have any control over the teaching ability of its GMAT tutors. Instead, it shifts the burden to you to evaluate its GMAT instructors. If you happened to be stuck with a bad one, too bad and tough luck.
  • Veritas Prep's new strange math is 4 = 400+. Veritas Prep's press release that is posted on Wikipedia claims that Veritas Prep has 400+ employees. By last count, Veritas LLc that runs Veritas Prep has 4 emplyees, including Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg. All its tutors are hourly-wages paid contractors, not employees. It is inexplicable why Veritas Prep would claim to have 400+ employees when it has only 4. You do the math on this one.
  • The bottomline is, do due diligence in choosing your GMAT prep course: do not pick Veritas prep for your GMAT training.
MANHATTAN GMATManhattan GMAT is all soda, no whiskey outfit, and has merged with Kaplan GMAT recently. So, you have two bad companies merging into one..
  • Manhattan GMAT, like other GMAT prep companies, lies about instructor qualifications and its hiring methods. Many of its tutors have not taken the GMAT or been to Business Schools. Does it make sense to think that a "99th percentile" tutor has his or her day job as dog-sitter or as a waiter at the tables while waiting for their breaks in Broadway or whatever?
  • Manhattan GMAT is the only company on the block that does not offer any type of guarantee about its useless GMAT course. MGMAT knows that its training methodologies do not work and does not want to offer any guarantee. Of course, MGMAT cares about your money more than about your GMAT readiness, and has no qualms about wanting you to fork out your hard-earned $1,500.
  • Manhattan GMAT frequently cancels its classes and switches you to its ONLINE course if it does not receive at least 4 registrations. There are several reports that MGMAT refuses to give refunds for canceled classes.
  • Manhattan GMAT advertises 27 hours of prepping but if you factor in the early dismissals and breaks, you will be at the MGMAT classes for a total of barely 20 hours.
  • Manhattan GMAT prep course relies solely on Official Guide (it admits to this fact on its website), which contains retired questions and explanations. Why would you need an unqualified dog-sitter turned MGMAT tutor to explain a few explained problems to you. MGMAT does not teach concepts and has a bizarre schedule for its sessions (veritable skim-and-scam operation). The trainer will start with critical reasoning and then jump to math and go to Sentence correction before dismissing the class 20 minutes ahead of scheduled time. Check the Schedule posted on MGMAT website and see for yourself.
  • In short, MGMAT is a dog-and-pony show that cares about your money more than about your future. If you are smart, you will avoid Manhattan GMAT.
KAPLAN GMAT (KAPTEST)Kaplan prep for GMAT is a tricks and gimmicks based tutorials taught by student instructors who get paid about $8 an hour. Nearly all of the tutors employed by Kaplan have not taken the GMAT or been to Business schools. Kaplan administers its own practice test to familiarize the student tutor with the test, arms them with talking points and sends them out to while away your time.
  • Kaplan offers the least in-class hours: 18 hours and relies on strategies that might have worked in the 70's but do not work in the new computer adaptive format of the GMAT.
  • Kaplan creates its own training materials that do not represent the language or the specific nature of GMAT problems and questions. As a result, your training will be useless when you take the actual GMAT test. Lately, Kaplan has started offering Official Guide to GMAT review that you can purchase on for about $20.
  • Kaplan's score improvement or money back guarantee is a joke. In order to get your money back, you should not have opened the books it sent you. Its score improvement is predicated usually on its own diagnostic test, that is graded rather stingily so that any score will be better than your first diagnostic test score.
  • In short, Kaptest is a clueless operator that has not kept pace with the changes on the computer adaptive format of the GMAT. In fact, Kaplan prep course can actually harm your chances for doing well on the GMAT CAT exam.
PRINCETON REVIEW Princeton Review GMAT prep is just as bad as Kaplan and Manhattan GMAT in that Princeton Review features about 18-21 hours of in-class sessions, at least 6 hours of which are spent in practice tests, and uses training methods that are not relevant to the Computer adaptive format of the GMAT-CAT.
  • Princeton Review uses student instructors who are made to take its own GMAT and score whatever in order to be eligible to teach. It arms them with talking points and have them say, if you ask them a serious question, that the company policy does not allow them to discuss the problem during the class. You will then be asked to send an email to the company and wait for an answer 48-72 hours later. (Kaplan does the same shady thing.) How cool is that?
  • Princeton Review creates its own test questions that do not represent the realities of the GMAT. So, you will be trained with questions that are unrepresentative of the actual GMAT-CAT.
  • Its satisfaction guarantee is a joke. If you read the fine print, it is nearly impossible to be satisfied with Princeton Review.
GMAT ZONEGMAT Zone run by Collins and Kumarasinghe has no experience in GMAT test preparation and provides mediocre seminars, using substandard GMAT prep materials and retired questions from the Official Guide for GMAT Review that you can buy for $20. The GMAT Official Guide uses retired questions from past GMAT's and contains explanations and answer key. Why would you need GMAT Zone to explain the explanations to you? Do not trust any company such as GMAT Zone or Manhattan GMAT that simply offers you OG-based tutorials because you will not receive the most relevant GMAT training in GMAT assessment areas that only MLIC provides.
ICON+ & Manhattan Review Manhattan Review has no standards with regard to instructor qualifications or to course materials. It uses awful, untrained, unqualified humans to waste your time and insult your intelligence.
The upstart Icon-Plus uses a guy called Andrew who allegedly scored 720 on the GMAT the only time he took it. Like GMAT Zone, Manhattan GMAT, and Manhattan Review, Icon+ does not offer any guarantee to back up its OG-based seminars and broad overview sessions. Do not trust any GMAT prep company that is not willing to offer any guarantee. A company offering no guarantee cares more about your prep dollars than about your GMAT success or your future. MLIC GMAT is the best GMAT preparation course because it is backed by industry-leading and one-of-a-kind 80th percentile score guarantee and because MLIC delivers results.
Shawn Berry's GMAT Shawn Berry, the self-professed exemplar of perfection, dumps the old, retired GMAT tests, makes you take them before showing up at his basement in Half-moon bay home in California, and will show you how he would do those tests. Then, he believes that you can be a monkey and imitate what he did by simply watching him show you how he would do the problems you missed. For this great privilege, he wants you to pony up $10,000 per 10 sessions (strictly cash, please). Shawn Berry believes that if you are a monkey, then you can easily see and do what monkeys do: act irrationally. If you believe that Shawn Berry can help you perfect the GMAT, you need to see a shrink first.
It appears that California is the Noah's ark of questionable actors: There is Veritas Prep (Veritas LLC) operating from Southern California and here is Shawn Berry who owns the corner in Northern California. Know the facts and you will save yourself a lot of aggravation and money. Be wise: Choose the ONLY goal-driven and skill-enhancing GMAT prep course offered by MLIC.

Be sure to consider 5 factors in choosing your GMAT prep course:
(1) Quality of in-class instructions and Instructors -- MLIC beats all other me-too courses hands down in this department. MLIC GMAT courses are taught by MBA graduates who have extensive consulting and teaching experience, and who are required to take the GMAT at least once a year and score in the 98th percentile or better;
(2) In-Class Training hours -- MLIC offers 42 hours in Turboprep GMAT courses and 24 hours in Weekend intensive GMAT prep courses (which is more than offered by courses such as those offered by Kaplan). In addition, the MLIC GMAT prep courses require that you complete 50 hours of precourse training and at least another 40 hours of post class training before you sit the GMAT exam.
(3) Quality of Study and Training materials -- MLIC GMAT study guides and training materials are frequently updated to incorporate changes to the GMAT testing and to included newer types of GMAT questions appearing in the more recent tests.
(4) Committed support before, during, and after the in-class GMAT training -- MLIC offers a total of 120 hours of training and provides the committed and industry-leading support right from the moment you sign up to the time you take the test. MLIC cares for you and wants to ensure that you achieve a score of at least 700;
(5) Size of GMAT prep classes -- Crowded groups do not allow instructors to identify weaknesses that the participants demonstrate. Some of the GMAT prep courses will enroll as many students as they can. In contrast, MLIC courses are capped at 10 students, and most classes typically have 6-8 students per class. This small, compact group size allows us to provide personalized training and help you apply our CPSD methodology and to coach you in the GMAT assessment areas.Enroll in the industry-leading MLIC GMAT prep courses today! You cannot find a better value for your prep course dollars and prep time.

Learn more about the MLIC GMAT prep courses by visiting the following links:

Expose about Veritas LLC
Flash! Veritas LLC is a Connecticut State registered LLC whose principal members are listed with Secreatary of State, CT as Markus Moberg and Chad Troutwine and whose business address is listed as 123 York Street, New Haven, CT 06511. The name VERITAS PREP is an assumed name that is unregistered in most jurisdictions in which Veritas LLC operates its training courses. Veritas LLC lists its 'headquarters' address as the Malibu, CA address, and has been running intrastate business operation in California since 2002 but only formally registered its foreign LLC with the department of State in California in June 2010. Under California Corporations code, all foreign LLC's and Corporations having business address in California and doing intrastate transactions must register with the DOS as soon as the foreign entity begins intrastate activities in that state. MLIC GMAT prep courses are far superior to those offered by Veritas Prep and all other competitors because you will receive the most structured, up-to-date, and comprehensive training in GMAT assessment areas from professional GMAT trainers. Read how Chad Troutwine of Veritas Prep admires MLIC's attention to detail and states that 'it is important' in his email correspondence. MLIC could not have received a better compliment or testimonial as to the superior quality of comprehensive GMAT training that it delivers. MLIC GMAT Prep -- Your best ally in GMAT preparation.
Flash! Manhattan GMAT has been sold to Kaplan because the guy who started MGMAT-- Zeke Vanderhoek -- has started a charter school for KG to 5th Grade students. Read how Kaplan educational services business has been using deceptive and aggressive marketing practices, scalping students, and leaving them with huge debts, and, in the process, tarnished Washington Post's legacy.. Here is another article about how Kaplan has been using guerilla registration procedure to enroll students in courses they never wanted to take, and leave them with huge, unsustainable debts. MGMAT belongs to this Kaplan family now.


"Thank you for a truly great GMAT preparation course. I received the most comprehensive training in all GMAT sections, and my score after taking your course was 730. MLIC prep works."
     -- Colleen Brown, Chicago Turboprep GMAT course
"Half way through the Veritas prep program and frustrated with the haphazard training methodology used by Chris, I enrolled in the MLIC GMAT prep course in Manhattan. Right from the time I received the precourse assignments, I could already see why MLIC was far superior. The training guides provided by MLIC were the best I have worked through, and the in-class instructions were the most thorough: Veritas instructor would randomly choose a few problems from their workbooks and OG, and hurriedly show how they would be solved. After class assignments were hardly reviewed, and I had to work on my own in clueless frustration. In contrast, MLIC instructor covered all concept areas, strategies, and explained all in-class tests and home assignments. Some of the critical areas such as sequences and conditional probability were never covered in any dept in the Veritas program whereas MLIC did a great job. MLIC prep was worth the time and additional money I paid for it.
     -- S.Hoffman, New York Turboprep GMAT course
"I was working through some nondescript books for GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace this test before I registered in your course. Your course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the maths basics that I had initially struggled with. Your prework files (that took me 70 hours to work through against your claim of 50 hours) was nevertheless useful in giving me a brushup on the basics in maths and getting me ready for the programme. Your inclass training was equally effective. I scored an impressive 680 after your training. Cheers, MLIC."
        -- Colin Cowdrey, London Turboprep course

Click HERE to view more Testimonials.

MLIC GMAT prep courses offer the best value for your prep dollars and time for the following reasons:
-- MLIC offers highly-structured prep course for the GMAT CAT, and asks you to complete 120 hours of prepping in 3 distinct phases.
-- MLIC in-class prep hours are more than double those offered by companies such as Kaplan and Princeton Review. GMAT has evolved and has become fairly complex; the 18-20 hours of tutorials run by Kaplan, MGMAT, and Princeton Review are not sufficient to get you up to speed in the GMAT assessment areas.
-- MLIC employs professional GMAT trainers who have over 15 years of teaching experience whereas Kaplan and Princeton Review typically use students who might have just started attending Universities and have no teaching experience. Veritas prep has stopped publishing its list of instructors and their qualifications so that we cannot assess their credentials. MGMAT makes claims about its instrutors that are far-fetched and unverifiable.
-- MLIC GMAT prep is the only GMAT preparation course that is backed by industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee.
-- MLIC GMAT prep course imparts strong conceptual understanding in all GMAT assessment areas, not merely provide worthless tricks and ask you to make decisions on 'gut instinct' as Kaplan and Princeton Review typically do.
-- Kaplan, MGMAT, Veritas Prep, and Princeton Review all use hodge-podge schedule of GMAT tutorial sessions that jumps from Verbal to math to verbal. All these GMAT prep companies offer courses that lack the comprehensiveness and the structure of MLIC's GMAT courses that put you through 120 hours training in 3 phases. Only MLIC provides the best GMAT preparation materials to train you in high difficulty areas of the GMAT.;
-- Choose MLIC GMAT Prep course and get trained in high difficulty areas of the GMAT so that you can take the GMAT with confidence and competence. Know the facts about other GMAT prep course options, especially the non-disclosures that border on fraudulent deception by some of MLIC's competitors. Manhattan GMAT is the only company that does not offer any guarantee to back up its desultory training approach. Be wise, choose MLIC GMAT prep courses and get trained to achieve scores of better than 700.
MLIC also offers cutting-edge prep courses for the GRE General Test, Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and SAT/ACT. All our prep courses are backed by industry-leading Score Guarantees. Learn more about our other prep course offerings by visiting the following URL's. (Did you know that some business schools such as Stanford University and Harvard University will accept GRE Scores for admission consideration to the MBA programs?)
-- GRE Prep courses
-- MLIC SAT Prep
-- GMAT Study Guides
-- GMAT Sample Test

Fee for MLIC GMAT courses
-- The fee for the GMAT Turboprep course in all U.S.A / Canadian centers is U$1,295.
-- The fee for the GMAT Turboprep course in all non-USA centers is U$1695.
-- The fee for the 3-Day Intensive prep course in all USA/Canadian centers is U$1,095.
-- The fee for the 3-day Intensive prep course in Europe, Far East centers is U$1,595.
-- The fee for the MLIC GMAT Online prep course is U$695.
-- The fee for the GMAT Study Guides for 700+ Score is U$79. You can order the Study guides with audio lectures for U$129.