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Read tips on How to prepare for the GMAT published in HANDELSBLATT DE newspaper's MBA Special supplement published 18/02/2005. Our Turboprep GMAT course participant writes: "A lawyer admitted to the bar in Munich Germany, I attempted to take the GMAT, knowing that my challenge was in the GMAT Math area. I took a GMAT prep course conducted by a German testpreparation company in Frankfurt and found that the level of teaching involved very simple GMAT problems, even worse than those taught in Kaplan GMAT prep or Princeton Review GMAT classes. After scoring 570 on the GMAT in my first attempt, I researched on the Internet GMAT prep courses and enrolled in the GMAT prep class offered by an American testpreparation Company, MLIC, New York. MLIC GMAT preparation course, besides offering excellent GMAT study and GMAT training materials, also reinforces the learning process with original GMAT questions. The individual attention received from dedicated instructor in the MLIC GMAT class helps one overcome his or her weakness in Mathematics and in Verbal areas of GMAT. Result: I scored 670 on the GMAT. Anyone whose GMAT Mathematics and Verbal skills are rusty should take the GMAT prep course such as the one offered by MLICETS."-- Handelsblatt, DE, Germany's leading Business Daily "


1. University of Pennsylvania
2 Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business
3 Harvard University
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Business
5 Duke University- Fuqua
6 Columbia University, New York City
7 Cornell University, Johnson School of Business
8 University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
9 Stanford University
10 UCLA- Anderson School of Business
11 New York University, Stern School of Business
12 Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
13 University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Kenan-Flagler
14 Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business
15 University of Texas (Austin)
16 University of California (Berkeley) - Haas School of Business
17 Xavier University - Williams COB
18 Indiana University (Bloomington)
19 University of Rochester - Simon School of Business
20 Washington University - Olin
21 University of Southern California- Marshall School of Business
22 Purdue University - Krannert School of Business
23 Georgetown University, McDonough School
24 University of Maryland (College Park) Smith School of Business
25 Emory University -- Goizueta


1. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
2. Columbia Business School, New York
3. Harvard Business School, Boston
4. Stanford University, CalifornIa
5. London Business School, London
6. University of Chicago, GSB
7. INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France
8. New York University, Stern
9. Dartmouth College,TUCK
10. Yale school of Management
11. Ceibs and IE Business School
13. IMD, Switzerland
14. MIT, Sloan Program, Cambridge
15. University of Cambridge, Judge School, England
16. IESE Business School, Spain
17. Duke University, Durham, NC
18. University of Western Ontario, Canada
19. University of California at LA
20. Kellogg School of Business, NWU


1. New York University, Stern School, New York
2. U.C.L.A, Anderson school, LA
3. Harvard University, Cambridge
4. Kellogg School of Business
5. University of Chicago, GSB
6. London School of Business
7. York University, Toronto
8. Wharton School, Philadelphia
9. Duke University, Durham, NC


"Half way through the Veritas prep program and frustrated with the haphazard training methodology used by Chris, I enrolled in the MLIC GMAT prep course in Manhattan. Right from the time I received the precourse assignments, I could already see why MLIC was far superior. The training guides provided by MLIC were the best I have worked through, and the in-class instructions were the most thorough: Veritas instructor would randomly choose a few problems from their workbooks and OG, and hurriedly show how they would be solved. After class assignments were hardly reviewed, and I had to work on my own in clueless frustration. In contrast, MLIC instructor covered all concept areas, strategies, and explained all in-class tests and home assignments. Some of the critical areas such as sequences and conditional probability were never covered in any dept in the Veritas program whereas MLIC did a great job. MLIC prep was worth the time and additional money I paid for it.
        -- S.Hoffstead, New York Turboprep GMAT course
"I was working through some nondescript books for GMAT and was getting frustrated, not knowing what specifically I needed to know to ace this test before I registered in your course. Your course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the maths basics that I had initially struggled with. Your prework files (that took me 70 hours to work through against your claim of 50 hours) was nevertheless useful in giving me a brushup on the basics in maths and getting me ready for the programme. Your inclass training was equally effective. I scored an impressive 680 after your training. Cheers, MLIC."
        -- Colin Cowdrey, London Turboprep course
"I took your turboprep course after participating in Veritas gmat course, and found your training exponentially better. The study materials were far superior and covered the gmat sections more comprehensively, and your in-class instructions were a thousand times better than I had seen with Veritas. For example, Veritas showed a few sample problems during the in-class sessions and let me work on my own with their question bank. When I showed up in the next class, there was no review of homework problems. MLIC, on the other hand, gave all of us after-class home assignments and reviewed all of it during the following day. The instructor was a professional and was patient in helping us understand difficult concepts such as sequences and functions, which were never discussed at any length in Veritas program and which actually showed up on my test. I have no reservation in recommending MLIC gmat course.
        -- KPJ, Los Angeles, CA
"I orderd your MLIC study guides for GMAT, and was quite pleasantly surprised by the quality and the extent of coverage of GMAT concepts. The bonus practice exercises that were supplied contained questions that were very similar to the actual GMAT problems that I faced when I took the test. My score improved from 630 to 740 after working through your study guides. Thanks, MLIC!"
        -- Raman Unnikrishnan, Singapore.
"I took the Manhattan GMAT course before enrolling in your Turboprep course. When I worked through Manhattan GMAT program and the OG they provided, I was slightly offended and felt that I was paying nearly $1,500 for the $20 OG11 for GMAT that I could have bought at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The OG11 has problems that were old and all problems were explained; I did not have to go through Manhattan GMAT to have them walk me through the same explanations. But I did and guess I was not thinking straight. MLIC trained me with newer types of questions and actually had me show them that I have all the concepts and procedures buttoned up. The difference is this: My score after MGMAT was 540; after MLIC, it was 690. MLIC is exceptional value for GMAT prep.
        -- Rick Granja, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, New York-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I took the GMAT 3 times and consistently scored between 47 and 50 in the math section. My downfall was verbal section. Frustrated, I enrolled in MLIC Turboprep course in Chicago, and learned that there is a technique to reading passages and dealing with the critical reasoning section. Your training on what aspects of passages I should focus on helped me improve my verbal scaled score from 29 to 41. My total score improved from 640 to 740. Your training made the difference. Thanks, MLIC.
        -- Annika Thomas , GMAT TURBOPREP Course, Chicago-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I ordered your study guides before I enrolled in your GMAT prep course in Chicago. I must say that your guides far exceeded my expectations. Your sentence correction module 3 was the best I have seen, covering all bases including parallelism, logical comparisons, positioning of qualifers and modifers, etc. The anchor phrase strategy for Rc and the section about how to determine the best answer even without reading the passage were truly helpful. Your in-class training was just as I expected -- professional and very relevant. Some of the questions in your Workbooks used in the program actually showed up on the test. I owe my 700 on the GMAT to your outstanding training.
        -- Elizabeth Sweeney, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, Chicago -- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I found your sessions on reading comprehension and data sufficiency particularly instructive and highly useful. I was mortally afraid of RC section but your guidance on answer selection strategies and on how to determine what is relevant and what is not made me more confident. Your drilling in Data sufficiency was just what I needed. My score improved from 520 to 690, thanks to your excellent program. My advice to those contemplating your course: Be prepared to do serious work, and do those home assignments at the end of class hours. You will learn a lot and be fully prepared. Thanks, MLIC."
        -- Bethany Leipheimer, , GMAT TURBOPREP Course, Frankfurt, February 2018-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I had taken the Kaplan GMAT prep before I took the MLIC prep class in Los Angeles. I found the Kaplan method insulting and insufficient to help me feel confident. The MLIC course, on the other hand, was intense, and helped me understand my weaknesses. I also received patient help from the instructor who was professional, highly skilled, and full of humor. All in all, a worthwhile investment. My GMAT score improved from 520 to 660, sufficient to get me into USC."
        -- Rebecca Tinsley, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, Los Angeles, -- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"A friend of mine lent me his Manhattan GMAT study notes and I worked through them before I took the test in March 2008. I scored a 540 and was totally disapponted after having scored close to 700 on the MGMAT tests. Then, I enrolled in MLIC course for GMAT in New York in April 2008. When I received the pre-course assignments that included the study guides, I was struck by the detail and depth of coverage of GMAT concepts and test-taking procedures that were included in their prep materials. My score improved to 720 after taking the MLIC class in Manhattan. I strongly recommend the MLIC GMAT prep and would like to add this caveat: Their pre-course assignments take about 60-70 hours, not 40 hours as they had claimed. Allow sufficient time to work through them before the class.
        -- Erika Sweeney, GMAT PREP Course, New York-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"Thanks to your great prep class, my score improved from 520 to 670. In fact, I received the same topic for the argument essay that we discussed during the prep class, and your quantitative training in the areas of sequences, coordinate geometry, and probability were of great help when I took the test. I also found your training for the sentence correction extremely useful: I learnt that sentence correction on the GMAT is not only about grammar and idiom rules but also about rules of logic. MLIc prep is the best.
        -- Qamar Toor , GMAT TURBOPREP Course, New York-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I had taken the Veritas Prep course in Chicago and was totally annoyed with the poor quality of instructors. I then registered in the MLIC course and can vouch for the professionalism of the training programs. The structured way to GMAT preparation helped me better prepared and the teaching materials were top notch too. My major weakness was in the Verbal sections and MLIC's strategies for eliminating answer choices by classifying them into hit list categories helped me with a scaled score of 42 in the verbal section. I scored 740 on the GMAT after MLIC prep. Thanks, MLIC.
        -- Sou K. Marty, , GMAT PREP Course, Chicago-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I took the MLIC prep class in Munich during April 2008 and my friend registered to take the Veritas prep weekend course. Sadly, Veritas prep canceled their classes because they had just one person registered. MLIC course went ahead with 7 participants. The course was intensive and put us through the paces in terms of techniques and concepts. I found the verbal drills particularly useful to me. I scored a 690 when I took the test on the 25th, barely three days after the class. Thanks, MLIC!
        --Stefanja Matonis , GMAT PREP Course, Munich-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I took the Manhattan GMAT Online prep course for the GMAT in February 2007 and scored a 450. Subsequently, I registered in MLIC's GMAT course in December 2007 and improved my score to 660. The biggest difference I found between the Manhattan GMAT course and the MLIC Turboprep course is this: Manhattan GMAT study materials do not cover the GMAT concepts as thoroughly as MLIC study guides do. Secondly, Manhattan GMAT makes you work through the OG 10, which contains retired GMAT problems. The actual test is very different from the types covered in the official Guide for GMAT review. What I liked best about MLIC course was their study guides and their strategies for answer selection particularly in the verbal section. Thanks for an excellent prep course, MLIC.
        -- Rick Vazquez, GMAT PREP Course, New York-- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"Thank you very much for a great prep course for the GMAT. Before I took your course, I had worked through several books available in book stores to no avail. When I signed up to do your turboprep class, I found what I needed but did not realize: a guided tour of the various assessment areas. The in-class instructor was brilliant, and showed us how the different areas of the GMAT are about the same logical reasoning skills. The drilling in procedural aspects of the Gmat, especially in data sufficiency, and the hit list approach to eliminating answer choices gave me the effective tools I needed to do well on this test. I am happy to report a score of 740 on the Gmat exam which I took 10 days after your class. The score is sufficient to make me competitive at INSEAD. Your prep course works. Cheers."
        -- Matthew Hanwell, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, LONDON, -- GMAT Hall of Famer."
"I want to thank you for an excellent GMAT prep class in New York City. I am happy to report a score of 730 on the test that I took 10 days after the turboprep class in Manhattan. Your GMAT course is the best for the following reasons: (1) your study materials are the most thorough I have seen of any prep materials for the GMAT I have worked through; (2) The quality of in-class training was outstanding. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient; and (3) the course had a great structure, with the pre-class training assignments providing the required exposure to the concepts tested on the GMAT. The training materials covered the very basic to the most advanced, and were laid out in easy to follow format. I have no hesitation in recommending MLIC prep course for the GMAT.
        -- Nathaniel Johnson, GMAT TURBOPREP Course, New York City-- GMAT Hall of Famer."

"Following your GMAT Turboprep course in Manhattan, I took the GMAT on June 27th, and scored a 680 (a huge 230 point improvement from the 450 I was making in the practice tests after I took the Veritas Elite prep course), landing myself in the 89th percentile. I also scored a 5.5 on the AWA section for 87th percentile ranking. Your GMAT prep course was a major factor in my success, and I must thank you for the thorough preparation you offered. I believe that I now have a competitive shot at admission to Columbia Business school. As you are aware, I took the Veritas Elite GMAT course in Washington D.C. in Oct/Nov. 2005, and I felt that the Veritas Elite Prep course lacked the necessary tools and methodology that could help me successfully prepare for the GMAT test. When I first received your pre-class GMAT training files, I realized that your GMAT course was undoubtedly better than that offered by Veritas Elite! Although the majority of the information i had studied did not show up on the test, I felt prepared to deal with any problem that could have been thrown at me. Veritas only prepared me for the most common problems which could be asked. I also want to let you know that the incredible detail you pack into each GMAT study and training file allowed me to prepare for each GMAT section in the required depth. Veritas Prep just put out some stuff out there and forced you to memorize concepts, hoping its crash course would provide enough of the tools necessary to solve most of the problems. Veritas prep materials also lacked the depth and quality of training that MLIC offered. I strongly recommend MLIC GMAT prep course to anyone serious about getting a score in the 90th percentile range. Thanks again. "
          --- JOSHUA SOFER, GMAT Turboprep® course, Manhattan-NYC, GMAT Hall of Famer."


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